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How the iodine concentration can be measured?Print

How the iodine concentration can be measured?

One should remember, that both the iodine deficiency and the excess of iodine can damage the human health.


The main quantity of daily iodine consumed (70-80%) the human obtains with the food. It is why it is so important to establish the correct monitoring of the iodine contents in the food raw materials when iodine-doped products are manufactured, biologically-active additions and the ready food products.

R&D company Econix-Expert using the help of different medical, scientific and administrative organizations developed an effective electroanalytical procedure, which allows to measure iodine in concentrations ranging from 4 micrograms per kilogram. The Russian national code of the procedure is MUK 4.1.1481-03. It is recommended of the Federal Committee on Sanitary Control of the Russian Health Ministry. 

The procedure is run on the voltammetric complex “Ecotest-iodine” (Econix-Expert)



By now more than 150 sets “Ecotest-iodine” are successfully used in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstanand Bulgaria 

In order to find out more about this analytical procedure, click the reference 

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