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Warranty and after-sales servicePrint
Warranty period of operation of most devices produced by Ekoniks-Expert 24 months.The guarantee applies only to equipment operated in compliance with the technical documentation and not be compromised repair or modification.

Consumables (electrodes, sensors), used in products, warranty shall be in accordance with the passports and is usually 12 months or negotiated by our managers further.

Any repair devices manufactured on the basis Ltd. Ekoniks-Expert. Questions about the delivery of equipment for repair (in person, transportation company, postage) must be approved by our managers by phone or email.

Upon the expiration of the warranty period, regardless of the date of the instrument and prescription purchase our experts carry out maintenance and repair service of equipment.

Before sending the unit in for repair, phoned to our service staff and negotiate with them "emerged" problem. It is possible that advice over the telephone will be enough to resolve it.

All units sent in for repair must be accompanied by a passport to the instrument, letters of guarantee of payment in the case of paid repair, a letter to the organization's letterhead, containing the following information:

- The name of your organization
- Name of the equipment on the passport device, serial number, date of issue, date of purchase
- Information on the latest roll call: the date, number of stamps of the previous calibration (if there were periodic verification)
- A detailed description of the problem
- The application (for example, voltammograms, graphics or measurement results)
- Completion
- Full address for return shipment
- Contact person, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail.

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