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The pH-Meter «Expert-pH»

A gold medal  «Analytical methods and instruments in the food industry»


The registration number in the National standard Commitees of Russia 34127-07

«Clever» pH-Meter of the new generation «Expert-pH» does not allow the non-correct performance of the pH measurement! Your results will be always state-of-art reliable.



·     measurment of pH

·     measurement of the redox-potential (Eh) and EMF

·      temperature measurements

·      acidity and basity of different objects



Metrological data

Range / precision for рН measurement, pH units

(1…14) / 0,02

Redox-potential (Eh) and EMF

range/ precision, mV


Range / precision for temperature measurement, 0С

-5 – 100/±0,5



Technical data

LCD type

Big graphic LCD with a user-friendly menu

Temperature correction


Power supply


Power supply output for a magnet stirrer, data output to PC

Netto mass, kg, not more


Size, mm




The standard shipping kit



-The main unit

-A combination pH-electrode#

-The temperature sensor

-Power supply 12 V adapter

-A set of calibrative solutions (supplied in a dry in glass tubes to be diluted up to 1 liter)


# A supply of all types of pH electrodes can be done, including the non-combination ones, micro-, special.




Special shipping kits available:

-for the measurement of acidity of milk

-for the measurement of pH of meat

-for the measurement of acidity and basity of different objects




Advantages when operated:




1.    The automatic account of the effect of temperature when calibrated

The memory of the instrument contains the tables for pH/temperature dependences for main buffer solutions. The instrument measures the temperature of the solution when calibrated and automatically corrects the value of pH, providing the state-of-art precision for routine measurements. So the reliable calibration can be performed without a thermostat at any temperature.




2.    The «intellectual» automatic temperature correction

While pH measurements the instrument measures the temperature of the solution, compares it with the temperature of the calibration and selects the optimal mode of operation, that is the thermocomensation is on or off. The algorithm of the operating includes the automatic correction of the isopotential point of the electrode and its real sensitivity (the parameters of measurement in the mode with the automatic temperature correction). Such an «intellectual» This system of the temperature correction provides the ultimate precision of the pH measurement at any temperature.




3.    The simple, user-friendly menu.

The simple and logical menu and a big graphical display make the operating very convenient and evident.




4.    The indication of the stable reading being established.

When the stable reading of pH, EMF and temperature are established, the «*» symbol is indicated on the LCD. The user can read the reliable result as such a symbol appears.




5.    The indication of prompts and readings about the mistakes of the user.

The constant automatic monitoring at all steps of the operation and the self-diagnostics of the instrument prevent the user from mistaking. The instrument makes necessary corrections or informs the user about the problem.




6.    Mobility

The classical, but convenient ergonomic design small size and the built-in battery provide the measurements not in the laboratory only, but also in the industry, field conditions or other out-of-door use.




7.    The built-in battery

The powerful built-in accumulator battery provides the operation of the instrument during 1 month and more without being recharged. The battery is recharged using the 110/220 V net with the use of the power supply adapter, supplied in the shipping kit.




8.    The output to PC

The instrument can be attached to a PC using the COM or USB ports to look through, save or print the results of the pH, EMF and temperature measurements both in the graphic form and as a table. The free software can be obtained from our site




9.    The up-to-date electronic components.

The instrument is performed based on the electronic components of thew best world manufacturers. The original and serious technical solutions provide the safe operation of the pH meter during many years.



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